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Zine: Queer Intercourse #4

Date: 1992, Date created
Number of Pages: 30
Languages: English
Format: Standard
Keywords: hair, poetry , Audre Lorde, butch, femme, circumcision, pro-choice, The The, family, Homomilk, zine reviews, Holy Titclamps, Fertile LaToya Jackson, JDs, Barbie, Queer Nation
Rights: "All contributors retain copyright of their own works. Queer I as a whole, however, is anti-copyright and encourages you to duplicate the zine in whole or part to share it with as many people as possible. We only ask that you respect the authors/ artists by crediting their work. If you intend to publish any part of Queer I in your own newsletter, zine, etc. we ask that you inform us by writing: P.O. Box 90043 PGH/PA 15224"

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Place Created

Pittsburgh, PA, USA (was created at)


1992 ()

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