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Zine: Juggling The Rainbow

Date: 2010, Date created
Number of Pages: 40
Languages: English
Format: A5 - Euro Digest
Keywords: non-monogamy, polyamory, polyamorous, Dossie Easton, Catherine Liszt, Ethical Slut, Wendy-O Matik, Marcia Munson, Hannah Ho Wai Ling, Chinese, Malaysia, People of Colour, jealousy, internalized racism, body image, open relationships, Sarah Tea-Rex, Montréal, Buffy, transgender, sexual abuse, identity, Germany, Michel Foucault, communication , slut, polyfidelity, polyfuckery, new relationship energy (NRE)
Rights: Assumed ©

Created By

Taika (creator)

Place Created

Aotearoa - Wellington, New Zealand (was created at)


2010 ()

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