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Zine: Revolution Begins Here: A Revolutionary Sexual Health Zine

Date: 2006, Date created
Number of Pages: 36
Languages: English
Format: Digest
Keywords: youth, sexual health, sex information, sexuality, safe sex, HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, body fluids, STI, gender, testing, communication, body image, biological sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, gender identity, anatomy, feminist, anti-racist, abstinence, underwear, condoms, pregnancy prevention, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, HPV, Portland, Oregon, gummy bear, vagina, penis, reproduction, birth control, crabs, herpes, gonorrhea
Rights: ┬ęCascade AIDS Project

Created By

Cascade AIDS Project (creator) Beth Myrick (creator)

Place Created

Portland, Oregon, USA (was created at)


2006 ()

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