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Zine: Teen Fag #4

Date: 1995, Date created
Number of Pages: 40
Languages: English
Format: Standard
Keywords: comics, tampons, Bill Clinton, Camille Paglia, Femme2Femme, Jenny Shimizu, Tribe 8, Fifth Column, Pat Califia, Suzy Bright, On Our Backs, Annie Sprinkle, Log Cabin Republicans, letters, abortion, anti-abortion, square dancing, NAMBLA, interview, Bill Andriette, Goat Boy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Roy Cohen, John Wayne Gacy, J. Edgar Hoover, Aileen Wuornos, Gaetan Dugas, Dean Corll, Leopold & Loeb, zine reviews, Anonymous Boy, Mukilteo Fairies, Pansy Division, music reviews, Heatmiser, Team Dresch, Outpunk zine, Boiled Angel, Mike Diana, Baby Sue Comix
Rights: © 1995, uploaded with permission of creator

Created By

Gordon Gordon (creator)

Place Created

Seattle, WA, USA (was created at)


1995 ()

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