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Zine: Muff Monsters on Prozac #2

Date: 1997, Date created
Number of Pages: 28
Languages: English
Format: A4 - Euro-Standard
Keywords: Jeff Buckley, Allen Ginsburg, Betty Shabazz, comics, cyberqueer, internet culture, Xena, Marquis de Sade, Peter Tatchell, Fleetwood Mac, The Menendez Brothers, Julian Cope, cannabis, medical marijuana, Andrew Sullivan, The Simpsons, Bamboo Girl, POC, people of color, Sister Rage and Novice Nun, Sally Paradise, apathy, conformity, feminist, Noddy, Lydia Lunch, music reviews, Pansy Division (band), Tribe 8, p.j. harvey, zine reviews, Adbusters, Stereolab
Rights: Assumed ©

Created By

Ruth X (creator)


1997 ()

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