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Zine: Happy Fag #2

Date: Date created
Number of Pages: 24
Languages: English
Format: Half-Legal
Keywords: ocean resort, Scrappy, Steve, travel, punk rock, advice, Internet, bigotry, anniversary, relationships , boy collage, Alex, nude, Greek architecture, John Labovitz, piercing, diary, essay, Gay Pride, zine reviews, Fanorama, Now Meet Satan, Queer Nasty, Sibilance, Brave New Tick, Baby I Dig You, Gerbil, Celebrate the Self, Subliminal Tatoos, My Car Pinto, Strange Fruit, Asshole, Boys in Trouble on the Interstate, Sissy Boy, Pasty, Spray Cheese Diaries, Milky, business cards, Rude, Frank Sinatra, erotic poetry, friends
Rights: Assumed ©

Created By

Scooter (creator)

Place Created

Seattle, WA, USA (was created at)



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