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Zine: MXD Zine #1 - True Stories By Mixed Race Writers

Date: 2007, Date created
Number of Pages: 28
Languages: English
Format: Digest
Keywords: mixed race, people of color, POC, racism, ethnicity, Dr. Maria P.P. Root, Aiden Abberant, Yayoi Lena Winfrey, Lauren Jade Martin,, anarchist people of color, Black, Middle Eastern, Jewish, Black Pride, Adrian Piper, Keith Rosson, AVOW, Chuck Klosterman, London, Paris, British, Latina, Spanish, Asian, Japanese, Huey Newton, Angela Davis, Ofay, The Man Who Cried I Am, gender identity, Judith Butler , Forbidden Planet zine, Quantify zine, Parallel Lines zine, light skinned
Rights: © Maria P.P. Root, PhD, 1993, 1994

Created By

Oxette (creator)

Place Created

Boston, MA, USA (was created at)


2007 ()

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