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Zine: Blot #2

Date: 1994, Date created
Number of Pages: 44
Languages: English
Format: Digest
Keywords: queercore, organize, politics, erotophobia, sexual freedom, youth liberation, activism, gay, lesbian, bisexual, child pornography, censorship, NAMBLA, anarchy, Spew, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, queer zine, MATCH, Igantz, Chicken Milk, Venus Cures All, Bruce La Bruce, Crash n' Burn, Not Dead Yet, Aristotle's Masterpiece, Ulysses, Radclyffe Hall, boy-dyke, Education Against Homophobia conference, The Yo-Yo Gang, G.B. Jones
Rights: Assumed © (QZAP note: there is an anti-© statement, but we think it's only for the center image, not the whole zine)

Created By

Rob Teixeira (creator)

Place Created

Toronto, Canada (was created at)


1994 ()

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