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Ephemera: SPEW - The Homographic Convergence - Poster Flats

Date: 1991, Date created
Number of Pages: 24
Languages: English
Format: Oversize
Keywords: Vaginal Davis, Fifth Column, J.D.s, Bruce La Bruce, Denis Cooper, G.B. Jones, Fertile La Toyah Jackson Magazine, Straight to Hell, Bimbox, Homoture, Sister Nobody, The Yeastie Girlz, Pedro, Muriel, and Ester, Joan Jett-Blakk, No Skin Off My Ass, Fuzz Box, The Afro Sisters, Glen Meadmore, RuPaul, homocore, queercore, Wigstock, P.C. Casualties
Description: This document set includes several original flats and graphic elements that were created to publicize SPEW and other related events in May 1991. The files are not in any particular order and some were combined to make fronts and backs, then photocopied onto colored paper for the final posters.

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Chicago, IL, USA (was created at)


1991 ()

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