Individual: Joshua Ploeg

Identifier: PER.453
Description: I used to/ still sing in punk bands (Mukilteo Fairies, Lords of Lightspeed, Behead the Prophet N.L.S.L., Warm Streams), now I cook vegan food and tour around in a fashion similar to the band tours of yore, mostly doing dinner parties and soirees in people's apartments and art spaces. I tour on public transportation for weeks on end, sometimes bringing my knives along and cook in a wild variety of kitchens (been doing it this way since 2003). I've also done several vegan cookbooks: "In Search of the Lost Taste", "A Typografic Meal to Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Libelle" (Netherlands), "Dutch Much", "Twelve Knights In My Kingdom" and "Something Delicious This Way Comes: Spellbinding Vegan Cookery". Hot Stuff! Currently I live "wherever"!