Individual: Timmy Bear

Identifier: PER.248
Description: Tim first encountered the world of 'zines in the summer of 1995, thanks to Homocore Toronto, though he had been corresponding with GB Jones for about six months prior to that. In April, 1996, armed with pink laser printer paper, an old typewriter and boredom/angst, he created the very first issue of NOISE QUEEN, which he did for 5 years, followed by several years of PONYBOYS, and various one-offs, including poetry and a travel 'zine, as well as YOUR INSIPID RECORD COLLECTION of late. These days, he's mostly focusing on songwriting and performing, though you never know...
Update 9/2016:
Tim is a writer born in and mainly identified with Kingston, Ontario, having lived here for 75% of his life. He dabbles in several forms of art, and approaching 50 at roughly light-speed has convinced him dabbling is his default mode. He also mourns the death of ‘confirmed bachelor’ as a convenient euphemism, at least in Canada, but prefers to fight for LGBT rights outside of the conformist/respectable model, while recognizing the right of others to do otherwise.