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Zine: Queers Make Music

Date: 2011, Date created
Number of Pages: 44
Languages: English
Format: A4 - Euro-Standard
Keywords: music , queercore, riot grrrl, Oli Spleen, Pink Narcissus, elcassette, fashion, Atomizer, Woolf, Zsa Zsa Noir, Zorras, Belle de Jour, Noisy Pig, punk, sex work, Lianne Hall, Seedhill Bruiser, Scragfight, race, racism, Christianity, homophobia, Hooker, Bikini Kill, The Pixies, artwork, Ladyfest, Candy Panic Attack
Rights: Assumed ©

Created By

Ste McCabe (creator) Lukasz Waclawski (creator)

Place Created

Manchester, UK (was created at)


2011 ()

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